FM24 + FM26

FM24 + FM26

Cotton covered cord suspension with an
E27 globe holder and canopy.
FM24 models have a black globe holder and canopy,
FM26 models have a white globe holder and canopy.
Available in:
Yellow (FM24-2 / FM26-2),
Orange (FM24-3 / FM26-3),
Black & White (FM24-5 / FM24-5),
White (FM24-6 / FM26-6),
Black (FM24-7 / FM26-7),
Pink (FM24-12 / FM26-12),
Turquoise (FM24-14 / FM26-14), and
Blue (FM24-15 / FM26-15).

Shown as FM24 models.

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Width: 100mm Depth: 100mm
Height: 160mm + Suspension: 2500mm cotton
Weight: 0.4Kg

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FM24-12, FM24-14, FM24-15, FM24-2, FM24-3, FM24-5, FM24-6, FM24-7, FM26-12, FM26-14, FM26-15, FM26-2, FM26-3, FM26-5, FM26-6, FM26-7


1x E27 (ES), 60 watt maximum globe holder(s).