S-BGL, AR300-Ring-L + AR300-Finial-L

S-BGL, AR300-Ring-L + AR300-Finial-L

Spare or replacement parts for WB300BGL and WB400BGL.
Shown as a WB300BGM, for reference.
Available options:
Glass, S-BGL,
Brass Ring, AR300-Ring-L; and
Brass Finial, AR300-Finial-L.
Brass Ring and Finials are finished to order.

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Spare or replacement Glass, S-BGL (Previously S400)
Spare or replacement Brass Ring, AR300-Ring-L – Finished to order
Spare or replacement Brass Finial, AR300-Finial-L – Finished to order


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AR300-Finial-L, AR300-Ring-L, S-BGL